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Hello Shotters!

We really do want to hear from you all! So now we’ve made it even easier to get your audio feedback in. If you come to our site at shotofpal.me.uk , you can now just click a button, and as long as you have a microphone connected, you’ll be able to submit your audio, straight into your browser!


EP5 Feedback2


EP5 Feedback2

Rather short feedback this week. But what we did get was brilliant. Gordon Sinclair tell us about his view of Men’s health.

The Music is “The Cat” by Jackie and the Cedrics. CC-BY-ND-SA

So what did you think about “Mens Health”?

Ok! You’ve had the weekend and a couple of lunchtimes to listen in on our Mens Health episode.

What did you think? Have you got anything to say about it?

Don’t forget, there’s also the Google Evil Episode and the Feedback to comment on if you’ve only just found us.

Is there a new topic you’d like us to get our teeth into?

Get yourself a Microphone, record what you’d like to say, and email, cloud or skype it to us ready for the Feedback recording which should be on Saturday!


EP4 Mens Health


EP4 Mens Health

Pete & Al start a conversation about men’s health.

Do blokes go to the doctor enough? Are they in any way justified if they don’t? Would you use a DNA test to predict potential health issues?

The Music is “The Cat” by Jackie and the Cedrics. CC-BY-ND-SA

EP3 Feedback1


EP3 Feedback1

Our first feedback show, with genuine, real feedback!!

Sorry we’re a bit late, Pete wasn’t able to do the show. So it’s just little old Al holding the fort. Not to worry though! He has the pleasure of contributions from Scott & Jamie to keep him company.

Al mentions www.scroogled.com as a slightly interesting attack at Google

Al also runs down the feedback policy of the show to clarify a few points.

The Music is “The Cat” by Jackie and the Cedrics. CC-BY-ND-SA

Time to get your Audio In!

You’ve had a few days to listen to the podcast. A little while to think about your attitudes to Google. Did we provoke any thoughts about the Internet monster? Were we wrong about something? Is there an issue about Google we didn’t cover that’s important to you?

All you have to do is skype the “shotofpal” user and leave a message, send us an email with your answer to audio@shotofpal.me.uk , or share an audio file on your cloud service to audio@shotofpal.me.uk.

Don’t worry about editing, we’ll make you sound good by clipping out any ums or ers! Do it! it’s easier and more fun than you’d imagine.

2 Are Google Evil?


EP2 – Google Love/Hate

Pete & Al ask with the Ubiquitous nature and size of Google, nobody can ignore the company. But are they living up to their “Don’t be Evil” motto?

We briefly cover topics like..

Can they please all the people all the time?


Search Ubiquity

Involvement with PRISM


Dropping open standards/feed reader



What the net be like without Google?

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Available from iTunes!

Good News!

If you’re a fan of eye-wateringly expensive hardware, you can now get your Shot of Pal direct from iTunes.



1 Welcome to Shot of Pal


Al and Pete introduce themselves and the new Podcast.

We tell of how Shot of Jaq by Jono Bacon & Aq Langridge was our original insiration and why we admire the short format.

Also, are details of why we hate Forums, and our brave plans for audio only feedback.

Send your feedback to audio@shotofpal.me.uk , or share your cloud file with that address, or Skype shotofpal, and leave a message on the answer machine.

The title music is “The Cat” by Jackie and the Cedrics. CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0